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(No, I haven't fallen off the edge of the world. Why do you ask?)

So, I'm going to Geek Creation World. Is anyone else?
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I probably have it, but I can't remember which one. The one thing I can remember is, near the end, Steve asking Tony for a new phone because his is stupid.
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I'm trying to break the nasty case of writer's block I'm suffering from. I have a story idea, but I could use a little help with the details.

The bunny has a character taking a motorcycle trip through the U.S., all fifty states. What I could really use are places for him to stop along the way. Not touristy things, or not just touristy things, but things he could happen on to that give him a flavor of the area. As an example, where I grew up in western Maryland, they have an Autumn Glory festival in October, probably this weekend, with a parade and all kinds of other things. It doesn't have to be big, he'd prefer it if it weren't, but just pieces of regional things.

Also, does anyone here know if you can get to any part of Alaska on a motorcycle, and how you could manage Hawaii?

Thanks. I'll try to be a little more sociable. (Depression is a bitch!)
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Title: The Mystery of John Watson
Author: [personal profile] humantales
Fandom: Sherlock
Genre: Gen
Characters: Sherlock Holmes
Rating: G
Word Count: 564
Betas: Thanks to the kindly and patient [ profile] quean_of_swords for her beta.
Spoilers: A Study in Pink, although it's compliant with both seasons.
Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters and settings are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. No money is being made from this work. No copyright infringement is intended.
Author's Notes: I have a long story running through my brain that I'm trying to get organized and written. This is the prologue/teaser that I'm posting so I can stop rewriting it and get on to the next bit. And to see if anyone else is interested in reading it. ;-)
Summary: John Watson isn't just the first flatmate Sherlock has ever wanted to keep; he's a puzzle.

The Mystery of John Watson )
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I keep trying to write and post regularly and keep failing pretty miserably. That last word is the reason for the failure: I feel miserable. It's nothing serious; just day-to-day stuff that's getting me down.

About a week before Thanksgiving, I reached over to the passenger seat of my car and picked up my laptop . . . and pulled a muscle in my arm (I thought). Usually, after a couple of days, the pain goes away. I finally gave up just before Christmas and went to the doctor's. After an MRI, I discovered that I have tendinitis in my right shoulder, so now I have to do the anti-inflammatories & physical therapy and IT STILL HURTS! (Of course, I just noticed the expiration date on my acetaminophen: 08/07. Probably not helping any.)

About the same time, I would up with an ingrown toenail on the big toe of my right foot. Which I kept waiting to get better (because they usually do). I finally went to the doctor (I hate going to the doctor unless I'm actually sick. It feels like a cop-out to go for pain relief.) who yelled at me (I'm a diabetic and need to be more careful of my feet) and sent me to a podiatrist. Who fixed it in about half an hour WITHOUT PAIN. (I'm still impressed with that considering what he had to do to fix it.)

Then, the first week of December, I was driving my son home from his Asperger's group. I'd been tired and swerved off the road. Fortunately, it was on a town street, so I wasn't going very fast. The only thing hurt was my 8-year-old Saturn, which was totalled. (Thank God Max wasn't hurt; I don't think I'd ever forgive myself.) So, we've had to go and get a new car, which we really weren't planning on.

And I suffer from depression. Always.

The end result is that I'm doing drive-by posting these days, very few reviews or posts to other people, and I'm sucking at returning emails. And, of course, I'm feeling lonely because I'm not reaching out to anybody because I feel like crap. And round and round and round.

I've got a great idea for a long(ish?) story, or maybe a series of stories, but I don't have the energy or mental focus to write it. (Although I'm going to consider posting the prologue/teaser to see if anyone's interested.)

Don't get me wrong: I have a good life and I know it. My husband did well on "billability" (working too many hours), so we're going on a cruise next month. We're planning a road trip for Max's spring break and a cruise for our 25th anniversary in August. We both have good jobs, a lovely house and a healthy family. I know I'm lucky in the life sweepstakes.

On a happier note, Max got his cousin into Doctor Who over Thanksgiving, so we gave him the season 5 DVDs (since Max introduced him to Doctor 11) for Christmas. He proceeded to get my sister hooked, so now I can talk to someone in my family about Doctor Who! Which is pretty darn cool. (Now I have to see which of my stories she'd enjoy/understand.)

tl:dr: I'm around even if I'm not making any noise.
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For anyone who's interested, I'm doing the 30 days blog meme. I found this version here. I'll post the full list on Day 31.

(Yes, I did this a few months ago, but never got past day 1. One of my New Year's resolutions is to post as close to daily as I can. So . . . )

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Day 2

Nov. 3rd, 2011 01:08 am
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3592 / 50000 words. 7% done!
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Do I need to say SPOILERS? )

BTW, if you hadn't picked up on it, I liked the episode. I may decide I love it.
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For anyone who's interested, I'm doing the 30 days blog meme. I found this version here. I'll post the full list on Day 31.

Day 01: Introduce yourself )


Sep. 25th, 2011 01:22 am
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I intend on writing regularly in this bl*&dy blog on a daily basis for October. I have other please which will come up later.

Question for anyone out there reading this. There are several "30 days of . . . " memes out there. Is there a good general one (not necessarily fandom) for a multi-fandom fan/writer? Links to the main list would be helpful.

Thanks in advance.
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(Stolen from everybody)

You are K9
You are K9
Take The Doctor Who Personality Test and Horoscope today!
Created with Rum and Monkey's Personality Test Generator.
You are an absolute know it all. You take everything too literally. You are great with technology and a master at chess. You are extremely loyal and would sacrifice yourself to save your friends. You are the go-to person in every situation. You have a tough time negociating terrain and are always the loudest one in the room, even when you are not talking. And you have a laser blaster in you nose. You will end up being outdated and thrown in the trunk of a car until you are completely rusted.

I'm Back

Aug. 30th, 2011 01:28 am
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from vacation. (Which was probably the best vacation we've had in the 24 years we've been together, so, yeah, a good time was had by all.)

Apologies: I tired; this post may not make sense. And I have to be up in 5 hours to go to work. 0_0

Needless to say, after going through 50 (give or take) pages of LJ, several of DW and about 20 of AO3, I know I've missed good stuff. So, if you think I'll miss something of importance, email or pm me and point me to it.

Eventually, I'll start posting and commenting again.

Oh, please no spoilers. We're up to everything on Harry Potter, first season of Sherlock BBC,
Torchwood through Miracle Day: Escape to L.A. and Doctor Who through A Good Man Goes to War. Spoilers for anything beyond this will make me very cranky; please don't link to them.

Thanks y'all!
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I've been able to convince myself for several years now that I don't need a smart phone. $360/year for the cheap data plan; it was an easy decision.

Then I got Goofy an iPad for Father's Day. I don't want an iPad for myself; they're too big and bulky. But, oh, the connection, and the camera. All that stuff.

Cut for boring financials )</lj-cut So, I have an iPhone. (Goofy was cheering; he doesn't have to feel any guilt about his iPad now. Silly boy; he didn't before.) Question: there are two apps I need and I can't figure out if they even exist: 1. An app with which I can update Dreamwidth. (Being able to update LJ, Blogger and WordPress a plus, but not essential.) 2. An app that combines the social media into one. (Pretty sure it exists but I can't remember what it's called.) And, now, back to doing what I'm supposed to do.
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If Harry Potter were an anime . . . .

[personal profile] maxgoof296, I especially thought of you.

(Spoilers for DH.)

Date Night

Jul. 24th, 2011 12:27 am
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A while back, Goofy won a "Night on the Town" thing from his work; this equates to a gift card intended to be used for a night out for he and I. We finally decided to use it on the Taylor Swift concert he's been wanting to go to. Not really my thing, but he's been indulging me quite a bit lately and I enjoy her music.

Tonight was the night. I had a new temporary crown this morning (my dentist believes in painless dentistry, and I amuse her by getting high as a kite on the nitrous), we puttered a bit and then we went to the show.

First, I enjoyed myself. Not what I would have chosen, but I had a good time, danced to (some of) the music, and if I didn't leave high, I also didn't leave let-down.

However, I'm clearly getting old. I couldn't understand any of the lyrics by anyone, except for the bits of songs I actually know. (It sounded to me like the volume on the instruments was higher than the volume on the voices, plus the amplification distorted the voices enough that I couldn't understand them.) Also, when I pay for a seat, I want to sit in it. For a pop singer with an audience of mostly (very) young women, that wasn't happening.

It was an entertaining show. It wasn't just live music, it was a full show with a complement of dancers, who also performed up in the air on those fabric trapeze things (not in the mood to go Googling/Wikipeding), an elaborate stage, multiple costume changes, etc, etc. Lots and lots of energy.

And now I'm tired and I'm going to finish winding down for sleep. (And [personal profile] maxgoof296 did blog tonight; I missed it the first time around.)

Good night all.
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Fanfiction as Pantheistic Solipsism )

mom-post (which will continue until [personal profile] maxgoof296 gets used to doing this.)
[personal profile] maxgoof296, I would appreciate it if you would, at least sometimes, respond to my posts. I will be trying to be a good role model and post daily as well.

Your father has suggested that you post about the movie. If you do so, please put spoilers under a cut so those who haven't seen it and don't want to be spoiled can remain unspoiled. Go here to see how to do a cut.
/end of mom-post.
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We're on our way home from a week off. I hope to be able to go through all my emails tomorrow and actually post a bit of a trip report, but I'm doing this in the airport, so I haven't much time.

[personal profile] maxgoof296 is now in Florida with his grandparents for the summer. I've also set him up with a dreamwidth account in the hopes that blogging will work better than phone calls (which he gets distracted on) or emails (which he hates doing). Fingers crossed (and I'm waiting for your first blog post, sweetie.)

Talk to y'all later.


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